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The IDE4 Foundation aims to transform the way actors in International Geneva perceive, analyze, interact and create value from data. To do so, it provides public and international organizations with state-of-the-art data analysis tools to create innovative solutions to address social, economic and environmental challenges by improving decision-making, fostering human intelligence and facilitating collaboration.

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Mission and Vision

The IDE4 Foundation is a non-for-profit organization providing transparent and trusted ways to reduce data-related challenges and collaboration barriers, at the service of those who desire to solve issues for their own and collective benefits where the optimal means require collaboration by developing, disseminating and maximizing the benefits of a revolutionary data visualization and analysis technology developed at CERN.

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IDE4 Activities

IDE4 facilitates data sharing and collaborations for the International Geneva ecosystem and beyond. The Foundation provides collaboration platforms that foster smart participation of international organizations, governments, research institutions, private parties or individuals to address global issues.

It creates an optimal model of collaboration tailored to each issue which helps accelerating initiatives and securely sharing insights from various fields and domains by offering a global and contextual vision on a topic or an organization's data.

To enable and facilitate the use of collaboration platforms, IDE4 offers consultancy, education and training services. The Foundation engages in research and development activities on both technological and applications domains through a development team and a think tank. It ensures the quality and compatibility of its solutions by setting standards, coordinating public engagement and communication as well as coordinating the community.

IDE4 Foundation

Collaboration Spotting

Simplify complexity through visualization.

CERN and Swiss-made tool for network visualization and data navigation.

CS is an interactive platform that reimagines how people use data by removing the barriers between domain experts, decision-makers and data scientist.

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Human analytics

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Developed at CERN, Collaboration Spotting is an aggregation of mathematical concepts. It uses hyperbag-graphs as well as semantic and structural data abstraction techniques to contextualize and interactively explore data interconnectivity.

Any type of data to be visualized in graph representations or network schemas (node and links) where node size, colour and shape, and relationships highlight the network contents and structures. Output graphs are perspective specific giving users the capability to gain contextual understanding of multiple, complex and heterogeneous data sources. Each perspective represents faceted views of the co-occurrence network under study articulated around part or all of its content.

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Human-centric & intuitive data exploration

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Data fusion & interconnectivity

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From reporting to storytelling

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State-of-the-art GDPR compliance and data privacy

Backed by a Swiss Foundation (no backdoor)

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Resolving complex problem

Topic overview and contextual perspectives

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Hypothesis and scenarios building

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Gathering collective intelligence

Addition data and knowledge fusion

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Patterns, influencers and outliers identification

Data interconnection navigation and curation

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Humanizing AI & ML

Breaking down AI decision processes

Advanced structural abstraction techniques tailored to graph complexity and size give domain experts a visual access to fine structures and particularities, such as communities and outliers in a clear manner even for reasonably large graphs. Several pilot projects have been successfully developed in the areas of the fight against organized crime, mapping and analysis of the Geneva International and Economic Ecosystem, patent research and academic publications, and public procurement governance.

The use of CS will have numerous applications in the fields of smart economy, crisis management (Covid-19), achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), creation of inter-sectoral and disciplinary coalitions to improve public services and facilitate administrative procedures, digital governance, fight against cybercrime, etc.

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